Video conversions can be made to DVD and/or to mpg2 or mp4. DVDs will play on any DVD player, mpg is a digital file that will play on anything from a TV down to a tablet, mp4s are more often played on smartphones. Conversions can be made to other formats if desired, eg for Youtube, websites etc. Clients will need to bring along a USB stick or portable drive to take the digital file away with them.

DVDs can have menus,  scene transitions and additional soundtrack if required. DVDs and jewel cases can be custom printed with attractive designs. This will add to costs. More often clients are happy without them.

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To CDs playable on all standard CD players with attractively printed matching jewel case inserts etc - or to mp3s if you wish

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  ... and many more ....

Digital to Digital services

If you need to convert one digital video or audio format to another, let me know