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Multi-purpose DVDs/CDs

Interactive family histories | slideshows | audio books | pdf books | audio captured from vinyl or cassette

Interactive CDs/DVDs allow you to navigate your way through content in much the same way as you would through a website. They are essentially websites on a data DVD. This means they will not play on a DVD player but can be viewed using any internet browser installed on your viewing device.
Content can also be saved to other storage, like portable drives or USB sticks

They are especially good for family genealogies containing anything and everything that you want to remember about a person: images of old photos, newspaper cuttings, correspondence, family trees, memoirs, all connected together by clickable links or images that will take you quickly to other parts of the DVD that interest you.

Sample from an extensive genealogy DVD by Words & Design

(Note: this is not live!)

A DVD containing an interactive family history
interactive genealogy archived to DVD
an interactive family history
interactive family tree


Most clients are happy to save important files to garden-variety DVDs available in city stationery stores. Verbatim is a label with a good reputation - at the moment. On average they may keep your data safe for about 10 years. If you use a DVD or USB stick for your genealogy it will pay to move it to other forms of storage over time. M-discs (available as standard DVDs) have been rigorously tested and are agreed to have between 100 and 1000 years of life, but they are expensive and a supply chain has to be found. External Hard drives and solid state drives are popular for storage and reliable in the short-term. They may last a decade or two if stored unused - maybe 3-4 years if on a device in regular use. USB sticks are good for moving digital files around but are not reliable storage devices. Magnetic tape is still around, but expensive. Archiving options are in flux. For a good article on your archiving options go here

Many things can be stored on DVDs and CDs: Printed books in the form of PDFs, audio books, photographic slide shows for funerals, presentations, projects, recorded musical recitals. Here a few of many jobs done by Words & Design
an mp3 audio book on CD

An audio book put on CD as a playable mp3

a large book converted to pdf and archived to DVD

A book converted to PDF and saved to data DVD

tracks captiured from an LP converted to playable audio CD

Song tracks converted to mp3 from vinyl LP and burned to an audio CD

CD containing recorded pipe music burned to CD

A pipe tune composed, recorded and burned to CD for a Japanese Professor of physics

photo slideshow for a funeral

A photo slideshow prepared for a family funeral