Words and Design, Lower Hutt, for attractive and original logos


K for Kindergarten. Koru for young life, green and blue for New Zealand native forest and river (for a regional kindergarten assoc)

original logos

For a solar energy business. A solar panel inside a leaf carries the conservation message

logos that capture the essence

For a mediation and reconciliation agency. Solving the puzzles that stop fit the pieces fitting together

A Pacifika logo prepared for a Pacific Islands drilling consortium, incorporating the Australian boomerang because the organisation was Australian-based. Also atoll and ocean

innovative logos

For a company that distributes liquorice through New Zealand. The letters NGL represent a black liquorice strap

imaginative logos

For Wellington Kindergartens (Whanau Manaaki). Expressing Pacifika themes

inspired logos

For an event with a Polynesian emphasis bringing 3 groups together. Made of a conch shell and frangipani petals - common in the Pacific Islands

ingenious logos

Turning the puzzles of marital midlife into a dance

Polynesian-focussd conference on transition, using Maori design elements

carefully designed logos

For a conference on Polynesian-Pakeha relationship-building

For a BnB near the sea, called Tiromoana

simple logos

For a Xtian prayer awareness project