Words and Design, Lower Hutt for video-editing

Video Editing

Services offered ...

Turning raw video footage into small to medium movies with titles, captions, scene transitions, additional audio tracks and video clips, stills or any other art.
Removing unwanted or corrupted sections from existing videos
Assembling a movie from clips that have become separated on different digital video cards or VHS/DV tapes

Words & Design does not take on large video projects.
Edited video can be output to DVD, or a range of digital formats depending on clients' needs

video-editing services

The client can provide video in digital form, or Words & Design can capture it from old camcorder tape. It can then be edited in professional video editing software and turned into DVD or a digital format that can be saved to portable hard drives or USB sticks for copying and saving to any device. Go here to learn more about successfully storing videos